Van soest Collection 

Pathos Gallery currently represents the "Van Soest Collection". 

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The Van Soest Collection is a vast compilation of international art. It consists of over 600 paintings, 100 sculptures and about 500 works of graphic art (prints and drawings) by 64 artists from all over the world. Artists like Zdzisław Beksiński, Ernst Fuchs, De-Es Schwertberger, Viktor Safonkin, Johfra and André Martins de Barros can all be found in this museum quality collection. Surrealism, fantastic realism, magical realism are some of the genres that are used to describe the artworks in this catalogue full of extraordinary works. Rardy van Soest has redefined modern day art patronage by developing close relationships with artists like Ernst Fuchs, Hans Ruedi Giger and many others in order to create the collection as it stands today. The exchange of vision and ideology between Rardy van Soest and the artists gave direction for both the collector (Van Soest) and the artists themselves. Some of the artworks featured are world renowned and have been exhibited multiple times. The majority of the collection has never been available to the art market since they were acquired by Rardy van Soest from the artist directly.

The common element in this rich collection is the style: Fantastic Realism. Central to all these works is a realistic representation, but in each case this is combined with fantastical motifs from mythology, religion, and the world of our dreams and desires, an infinite wealth of visual images coupled with superior artistic technique. Rardy van Soest (b. 1947) began his collection in about 1990 with the purchase of paintings by Johfra. Fascinated by this surrealist realism and curious to see other interpretations, he began to look for other artists - painters, sculptors, and graphic artists- both at home and abroad, seeking them out in their studios, developing friendships, inspiring them through debate and discussion, and buying their works.

Rardy van Soest has concluded his collection by publishing the “Van Soest Collection” catalogue. The collection is documented and will always remain known as a collection of historical importance. Rardy van Soest not only wants many more to enjoy the beauty of his collection, he also has a fervent hope that present and future generations of artists will be inspired by it to surprise the human race with exquisite new creations.

Featured Artists 

  1. J.P. Alaux (France)
  2. Basher (Iraq)
  3. J. Beekmans (Netherlands)
  4. Z. Beksinski (Poland)
  5. D. Van den Berg (Netherlands)
  6. J. Van den Berg (Netherlands)
  7. D.J. Bouma (Netherlands)
  8. D. Clarke (UK)
  9. Davidov (Ukraine)
  10. De-Es (Austria)
  11. P. Delmee (Belgium)
  12. P. Deunhouwer (Netherlands)
  13. H. Deuss (Netherlands)
  14. O. Dozortzev (Russia)
  15. F. Fuchs (Austria)
  16. M. Fuchs (Austria)
  17. Gangadhar (France)
  18. H.R. Giger (Switzerland)
  19. A. Gonzales (USA)
  20. I. Grechanyk (Ukraine)
  21. P. Gric (Czech Republic / Austria)
  22. J. Haanstra (Netherlands)
  23. Z. Hajny (Czech Republic)
  24. M. Hiep (Netherlands)
  25. Johfra (Netherlands)
  26. H. Kanters (Netherlands)
  27. J. Kleiker (Netherlands)
  28. O. Korolev (Russia / Ukraine)
  29. A. Kostetsky (Ukraine)
  30. A. Kreher (Netherlands)
  31. A. Kubiczek (Austria)
  32. K. Kuksi (USA)
  33. F. Labisse (France)
  34. Lamy (France)
  35. V. Linford (Netherlands)
  36. E. Lorien (Netherlands)
  37. G. Di-Maccio (Belgium)
  38. I. Marchuk (Ukraine)
  39. V. Martsenuk (Ukraine)
  40. A. Martins de Barros (France)
  41. P. Meseldzija (Serbia)
  42. J. Moesman (Netherlands)
  43. A. Nekrasov (Russia)
  44. P. Pander (Netherlands)
  45. M. Parkes (USA)
  46. L. Plaw (Australia)
  47. Reon Argondian (Czech Republic)
  48. M. Roling (Netherlands)
  49. PH. Rubinov Jacobsen (USA)
  50. V. Safonkin (Russia)
  51. H. Smorenburg (Netherlands)
  52. B. Tielen (Netherlands)
  53. J. Thomassen (Netherlands)
  54. E. Ubels (Netherlands)
  55. R. Venosa (USA)
  56. C. Waterman (Netherlands)
  57. G. Willemenot (France)
  58. C. Willink (Netherlands)
  59. R. Wosak (Austria)
  60. P. Wunderlich (Germany)
  61. O. Yakhin (Russia)
  62. M. Zovko (Republic of Slovenia)
  63. R. Zwaga (Netherlands)
  64. D. Zwerver (Netherlands)